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Since 1975 – And now a family business with 1st and 2nd generations.

left to right: Jim W, Justin, Jeff, & James

We Care
provides Quality, Affordable home improvements by using productivity…Ingenuity…Honesty and by staying current with the latest Technologies, Products, and Techniques for the 21st Century.

Respecting our customers…

We Care guarantees our workmanship to be free of initial installation defects for as long as you live in your home.

When you call We Care you get an organization of workers and professionals who strive to bring our customers the most for the least. Our formula motivates our skilled co-workers to have a positive attitude…which keeps the customers best interest in mind at all times. Satisfied customers tell their families, friends, and neighbors about We Care’s quality service.

We Care provides you with a complete list of jobs that we have done. We encourage you to check out our quality workmanship for yourself.

Our Guarantee…

We Care uses only top premium grade materials on every job. We will not cut prices by cutting quality, nor will we ever use “bait and switch” sales tactics to get your signature.

Member of the Open Disclosure Organization

This is a group of united and organized business people focused on promoting the concept that consumers are entitled to honest information and that “sales talk” must be backed up with printed factual information.



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