WE CARE FREE ESTIMATES.COM, INC. expressly warrants the work we do on your home to be free of installation defects for a period of four (4) years from the date of completion. Our promise to you is that We Care will do the job right the first time, or we will come back and make it right, guaranteed

TO FURTHER ADD VALUE, while routine maintenance is the homeowner’s responsibility such as re-caulking, occasionally re-tighten a loose screw, or minor adjustments. For a period of four (4) years We Care will provide COST-FREE-SERVICE. After four (4) years there will be a modest charge of $45.00* for the first half hour, plus materials and $40.00* for each additional half hour.
(*Rate subject to change due to inflation, etc)

INSTALLED PRODUCTS are covered under manufacturer’s warranties which vary by product examples of products windows, doors, siding, etc. Copies of the product guarantees are available upon request. We Care cannot accept responsibility for

  • Intentional Abuse
  • Vandalism
  • Acts of Nature (Storm Damage, Etc)

This Guarantee is null and void should any other contractor or persons perform any repairs or alterations to We Care’s work while same is under our guarantee.

This Guarantee is not transferable and incorporates all representations warranties and agreements pertaining to We Care’s contract.

Most customers are aware that there may be minimal defects that do not affect.the primary performance of the product. If you cannot accept even minimal defects, you should make We Care aware of that fact. Have this information on your contract and call Jim W. on Voice Mail at (215) 455-8788 to alert We Care of your wishes. Our Guarantee does not cover minimal defects that do not affect the primary performance of the product unless it is stated in your contract.

Note! Contract Total must be Paid in Full or Guarantee is Null and Void.

We accept