Policies & Procedures

Service Policy

Top Quality Materials

We Care uses only top premium grade materials on every job. We will not cut prices by cutting quality, nor will we ever use “bait and switch” sales tactics to get your signature.


Starting Dates

Approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the time of ordering materials. All materials are ordered on the receipt of a 1/3 ordering deposit. 1/2 way payment and balance due on completion. Our foremen are authorized to collect payments. Please keep in mind that materials cannot be ordered until a 1/3 deposit is received by our office. Financed job materials will be ordered after the loan is signed.

After The Contract Is Approved

Customer service will mail you a packet of information and will answer any questions you have about starting dates for your job.

Before Installation Day Arrives

You can facilitate your installation by removing blinds and draperies from window areas (if windows are being replaced) and protect your furniture by moving it away from the work area. Remove any items that could delay your job.

Day Of Installation

Our foreman will identify himself to you. Any reference to the work being done should be directed to the foreman. Our installation manager will stop to check the progress of your job. Please feel free to call and request him to stop at the job and answer any questions that you may have. Your job will be worked on continuously once the job is started, weather permitting. When the work is complete, the foreman will instruct you on the proper care and operation of your improvements. Drop cloths are required on all inside work. Our people will clean and haul away all work-related debris. We Care values your satisfaction

Service Policy

  • No service charged when an installation defect is determined.
  • Installation defect will be determined by quality workmanship standards.
  • Certain manufacturer standards are valid for one year only. Such as locks, glass, paint, and normal wear of hardware products.
  • Accidental breakage, vandalism, fire, storm damage, acts of nature, abuse, masonry and natural settlement are conditions not covered by this policy.
  • Caulking and grouting is normally considered  a maintenance responsibility of the homeowner. However, within a period of four (4) years We Care will return and provide COST-FREE-SERVICE. After four (4) years there will be a modest charge of $45.00* for the first half hour, plus materials and $40.00* for each additional half hour. *Rate subject to change due to inflation, etc.
  • Product warranties are individual to various manufacturers. Additional information is available. Contact
    We Care

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